Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am She-Ra, Princess of Mommy Power!!

Rosemary as She-ra.
Yeah, I made that costume.
It was yet another moment
where I was a
Master of the Mommy Universe.
Yesterday, I was in a mommy funk. (Check that link if you get a chance, because I'm about to make reference to some things from yesterday's post.) 


Here are my accomplishments:
1. I got us out the door without seeming like a stressed out lunatic mommy. I believe it has to do with getting more sleep.

2. I ate breakfast, as promised. I DID finish my morning coffee, and didn't reheat it even once.

3. I cleaned up for company. (If Amy reads this, I'm sorry to announce that my version of clean--which I like to call "cleaner"--is what you saw. That's as good as it gets until the kids grow up and move out.)

4. We played with our company and had fun. We played outside in the rain, and that suited me just fine.

5. After company, I picked up my friend's little girl from morning kindergarten. I prepared snacks and drinks, and then I watched two sweet girls adorned in mismatched dress-up clothes dance to music from Olivia's preschool class. I made popcorn, and they watched something calm on Netflix. I helped make paper crowns covered in glitter glue. Like my friend said the day before, when we discussed me watching her little girl, having a friend over for Olivia got her out of my pocket for awhile.

6. I managed a dispute between Olivia and Rosemary about chalk. I don't mean to brag, except that I DO mean to brag. I was stinking AMAZING. By the time I was done, they'd talked the whole thing out and everybody was ready to take turns and play together again.  It was a moment of parenting awesomeness.

7. I cooked dinner, and everybody liked it! If you're one of my amazing Facebook fans, you might've seen that I made "Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Chicken Tenders" for the first time. Olivia said if they tasted like a copy cat, she wasn't eating them...but she totally ate them anyway. 

So...look how far we've come in one day! 

I have to run now--because it's 11:04pm, and I vowed to make an 11:00 bedtime. She-ra needs her beauty sleep!