Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lofty Goals: New Year's Resolution Update

When I was in kindergarten, I was going to be a prima ballerina. Yes, I was going to make my living wearing a sparkly pink tutu and spinning around a lot. 
That's me applying blush to my colleague's face. It's hard wearing tutus and putting on makeup. Okay, well that could've been me...
By the time I was in 4th grade, I was going to be the first female President of the United States. I was thinking big. I was young, and I was going to conquer the world. 
Somebody was going to have to go if my face was fitting up there.
But if experience has taught me nothing else, it’s taught me to set reasonable, attainable goals

And that’s why I am at a big 100% on my New Year’s resolution this year. That’s right. 142 days, and counting. I have managed to do what I set out to do, while everybody else is still paying their health club memberships online using WiFi at McDonald’s, eating M&M’s and sitting on their couches looking up Weight Watchers recipes, or binge drinking out of depression because their resolution to give up alcohol didn’t go so well. In a world where loads of people aren’t accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions, I have been mad-crazy-successful. 

For 142 days, I have managed to fold my socks together immediately after taking them off.
This may seem like a trivial goal to you. You may be thinking, “Seriously? I already do that. Why was that her goal?” 

There is hope. A match.

Well, I didn't. Okay? I admit it. And guess what. At my house, you get visits from someone called The Sock Fairy. She’s an important person around here. She’s the one who pairs up all the socks that don’t have matches, and she only comes every so often (“every so often”=“barely ever”).  When there’s laundry, She Who Folds The Socks (me) puts together whatever matches she can easily make. If there’s a random kid available, I might try to trick whoever's there into matching up some socks, too. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway, the rest of the unmatched socks go immediately into the ottoman that is stored in Rosemary’s room. And these socks do not make another appearance until The Sock Fairy shows up magically while children are at school or some activity with their Daddy—generally after a stressful bout of searching for a pair of socks for someone.  Ironically, She Who Folds The Socks is always home when The Sock Fairy comes. Anyway—POOF!—matched socks appear in people’s drawers.
My kids LOVE The Sock Fairy. She brings with her the peace that comes from having an abundance of matched socks, which is better than anything the Tooth Fairy ever thought about leaving.

And let me just tell you—last year (BEFORE my New Year’s resolution came to fruition), The Sock Fairy rarely came to visit me. That stupid lady always, always came to visit my girls and my husband first. The consequences of our slacker Sock Fairy all fell on me, and I was scrambling every single morning looking for socks that might possibly pass as matches for each other. Half the time I tried to get away with wearing sandals, and then stupid winter set in. Sigh. I wanted to fire The Sock Fairy. I wanted to rip off her sparkly wings and take off just one of her socks and hide it in the lint filter of my dryer. (This way, she had to walk around—not fly—for eternity wearing just one smelly sock. Reminds me of Dante’s Purgatorio...The punishment should fit the crime.)  I considered just buying lots of pairs of disposable socks…  

I'd just love to match up socks for those adorable girls and that funny, funny man. That tired-looking woman can fend for herself.
Finally, one day when I was complaining to my mom on the phone about my sock issue, she told me to just fold my socks together when I take them off. I am pretty sure she’s told me this a time or two before in my life, but this time—finally—I listened to her. 
Child, why don't you just fold your socks together? Why??

This year, everything has changed. Me actually managing to fold my own socks when I take them off has made infinitely less work for The Sock Fairy, so now she only has to worry about the ones around here who leave little sock droppings wherever they happen to be. 

And I think The Sock Fairy should leave everyone else in my house a note and tell them to start folding their socks together, too, but I am thinking my girls might not heed the advice until they turn 34 years old, like me. Small steps, right?

It’s amazing how my goals have changed over time. Oh well. I am freakin’ awesome at folding my socks and not losing them.

Has your New Year’s resolution been as successful as mine?
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